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Earlier today, I met with several students at Addis Ababa University to discuss the opportunities and challenges they face in their academic and professional lives. 

One of the biggest challenges we have here on the Internet is hearing marginalized and underrepresented voices, especially those across the digital divide. You can’t amplify voices online that aren’t online.

While all of the young people I talked to used the Internet and most had regular access via a tablet, smartphone, or laptop, none had blogs or tumblrs […]

We often think of global charity as people from rich countries giving money to people from poor countries. But the real story is much more complicated (and much more exciting!); we just don’t hear those stories often, because organizations like the one founded by the young woman I met don’t have YouTube videos or tumblrs.

Okay, this might be a dumb question, but…why don’t they have blogs? If they have access to the internet, surely making a Tumblr is a simple process that would directly get their voice out there?

Am I missing something obvious?

An Ethiopian nerdfighter who just got a tumblr responds:

"There’s no 3G coverage (as of yet) and mobile data is so terrible that it’s barely good enough to check your email. Watching a youtube video on a smartphone is unthinkable. Good internet access for your home is way too expensive to be affordable. You have a chance if you’re a university student because most of the universities here have free WiFi, but the hotspots are limited and you have to actively seek them out (which is what I do once or twice a week, to keep up with the world). And I don’t think most university students think it’s worth their time to REGULARLY seek WiFi hotspots so they can re blog stuff on tumblr."

My own experience is that even on the best university wifi networks, tumblr takes FOREVER to load (like several minutes for a single page), so there’s no way to load your dash (unless it’s all text) and posting usually fails. It’s just very different interacting with the Internet when your download and upload speeds are slower than dial up.

So, how about an app that shows a stripped-down text-only dashboard?

I’ve got the (abandoned) basics of a iOS tumblr app that anyone is free to run with, but it seems like something like this would be better served as a responsive web app since the slow connection affects both computers and smartphones…

In short:

We can write the thing. Would it be useful to anyone?


Rapunzel Lipsynch - Silver Linings Playbook sound extract

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Ariel Pencil test from Adrien on Vimeo.(link to see the hole sequence)

First character animation exercice at Gobelins (sorry it’s old, a bit rough and the model is not perfect…)

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HIM FREE!! The Great Pikachu Outbreak starting August 9th to August 17th

This is to be the next biggest holiday. 

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sugarless girl;
clarice ferguson// blink

sugarless girl;

clarice ferguson// blink

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Her moves get so slept on. She smooth as fuck.

That spin though

Smoove shit 👌

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I’m so done




I’m so done

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Fox pups annoying their mother.

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via Mary Poppins Quits with Kristen Bell

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