By Alice Cantrell on Flickr.


By Alice Cantrell on Flickr.

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As you all know I came out to my dad a few months ago he took it kinda well.
I live in the middle east and being gay here is a taboo.
My dad recently told my mom about me being gay (2 weeks ago) she’s taking it very badly.
Now I have to go to 4…

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URBANCE - Kickstarter (x)

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ive found him

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URBANCE - Character Design (x)

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Everybody Talks

OC doodles :D
Hatter - sevenyearsdungeon

Everybody Talks

OC doodles :D

Hatter - sevenyearsdungeon

Help Us Escape an Abusive Household


I’m too much of a wreck to make this wholly comprehensive right now, but if you follow me you’ll know that we were unable to find a place to live so we [my Mother and I] had to move in with my Grandmother [who has been letting my Aunt stay here for about 15 years???]
If you follow me you also know that my Aunt is a volatile, violent abuser who has attacked us our entire lives.
Well, about half an hour ago, she started yelling at me after I said that ‘You do realise I can hear you, right’ when she called me a ‘cunt’ as I left the room.
I told my Mother about this as I went back upstairs with the bagel I had been making for her and my Mother went downstairs to make her tea.
My Aunt proceeded to scream at my Mother and then physically attack her as evidenced by a little of the aftermath that I will link to in a gallery. For a short rundown: She shoved my Mother, grabbed her by her shoulders and scratched up her arms, and pulled out a small chunk of my Mother’s hair all while screaming.

My Grandmother refuses to deal with any of this, of course since to acknowledge it would be embarrassing and shameful to ‘the family’.

This is not a family, this is a toxic enviroment and I. Want. Us. Out.

Please donate whatever you can and/or share however you can with whomsoever you can. We need money for moving vans [remarkably expensive], 6 weeks deposit on a new place, first month’s utilities for the new place, and first month’s rent for the new place.

We need to leave.

—Things I can add on Tumblr include:

  • I’m queer. I’m very very queer. This is an Orthodox household. You do the math.
  • This is a very very Jewish Zionist household. My Mother and I are Anti-Zionist. You, again, do the math.
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